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What we do


Jyoti Kalash’s objective is to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized in today’s changing world. 


We serve in the most “at risk” districts of Mumbai and in the most low-income areas in Goa.


  • Early Childhood Education – We run Pre-Schools in Goa that  provide quality education for children from low-income communities.


  • After Care Program – We care for “at risk” girls and provide for their higher education as they work towards being self-sustainable.


  • Programs for Women & Children in Distress - We care for women & children who are survivors of Human Trafficking.  We network with likeminded NGOs and together make a difference in the lives of these survivors. ​

  • Play & Art Therapy – We conduct sessions on play & art for children at risk to help them cope with stressful & traumatic experiences. These forms of psychotherapy aid in counseling children who have faced early childhood trauma.


  • Foster Care Initiatives – We are working towards a shift from Institutionalized Care to Family Based Care for children from hard places. This involves legally placing children at risk in stable families rather than orphanages.  Currently we are spreading awareness on Foster Care by motivating families to open their doors & hearts to receive a precious child. 


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